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Follow These Tips to Get a Bespoke Wedding Suit

Getting the right suit for a memorable wedding can be a challenge, with many tailors in the industry and hundreds of materials to select from. However, if you have a clear idea of what you want and you do not want to hire your wedding attire, it is time to hit the streets and look for a reliable sartorial designer for the best custom made suits Bangkok has today for stylish customers.

custom made suits bangkok

Why Choose Custom Made?

While it is possible to get a readymade suit for any occasion, most of such suits may not suit your needs for a flamboyant wedding suit. Therefore, before you take much time on street tailoring shops or online providers, make a date with a reliable tailor for custom made suits Bangkok market has today.

While there are many benefits of going for custom-made suits, many users may not know how to choose the best tailor for their wedding attires. Your choice of a tailor can make a big difference in the overall product. First off, you need to understand the difference between bespoke and made to measure the design of suits.

Bespoke and Made to measure

For many people, the terms may mean the same thing. However, the two terms are entirely different.

Bespoke design: this implies that the tailor makes your suit according to your personal measurements. What that means is that the cloth is just for you. With an experienced pattern cutter by your side, a unique pattern is made according to your stats. The tailor then cuts a fabric for your suit based on the exclusive paper template. Once it is done, the suit fits squarely on your body without creating any flaw concerning your shape or size.

Made-to-measure design: in this type of suit, the fabric comes from a standard pattern based on the average size of a man. Since it does not take actual measurements, some alterations have to be made in order to match your measurements. However, even with all the tweaks, it may not match perfectly to your body size, especially if you have sloped shoulders, trim waist, or you are bigger and stouter.

Overall, the final choice of design depends on you. It is important to know that customized designs are pricier and therefore if you are concerned about pricing, then you may consider made to measure suits. A reliable tailor will be frank with you and tell you whether he will make the suit in a bespoke or made-to-measure design. In case they do not clarify this for you, feel free to ask and get an appropriate answer for your questions. If you are not convinced with the answers you get, that can be a good cause to move to another provider.

Know a little about fabrics

In selecting your custom-made suit, the choice of fabric determines the price you pay. That is the first thing you discuss with a tailor before work begins. While many materials exist in the market, woolen fabric with a higher quality is often preferred.

For more information about custom made suits Bangkok has to offer, please visit

Prom Dress Shopping Made Easy

Prom is an exciting time for teenage girls. But once the excitement is gone, you start to get overwhelmed by the need to search for the perfect dress. It is not for the lack of options – there are several prom dresses Chicago shops and boutiques offer for you to choose from. You can also go online and find websites like that specializes in prom or other special occasion dresses. However, the biggest challenge is in finding a dress that would make you stand out!

There are 4 basic tips to always keep in mind for you to have the best experience when you are shopping prom dresses Chicago boutiques has today:

Start Early

Cramming is your enemy when it comes to shopping for peaches dresses or anything to wear for your prom night. Ideally, you should start your search at least a month or two before the actual date of your prom. This will give you enough time to look around different shops in Chicago or online to compare which shops have the styles you like most. It will also give you the luxury of time to compare the prices and determine which shop offers dresses that are within your price range. Choosing the dress you want is hard enough, but choosing a dress that you can afford is more challenging.

Put Everything On

Dresses look way different on the hanger than when you wear them. Hence, do not dismiss a dress simply because you do not like how it looks on the hanger. This is why it is important to begin your search for the perfect prom dress ahead of time so you can leisurely go through your options. In some cases, you already have a preconceived idea of what you want in a dress. However, do not skip trying on a dress just because it is a different style than what you might’ve preferred. You will never know how good it will look on you until you do!

Be Open About Your Color Choices

Even though it does not hurt to have a specific color in mind, do not let it limit your options. However, you should always go back to advice number two: try it on. Some colors will look good on you while others don’t. Trying them on is a good way to be able to tell the difference.

Shop with a Company

You can bring a friend or two, but never a huge group. If possible, bring a friend whose taste for fashion you can trust. But do not bring more than two friends to shop with you. Some women can be a little too opinionated and their opinion about the dress you’re shopping for can overshadow yours. You have to remember, it is your prom dress!

For the best prom dresses Chicago shops offer, visit Hannahs boutique in Chicago. This boutique is a go-to option for young women who like to find trendy and reasonably priced prom dresses. You can choose from modern and traditional designs to suit your discerning taste, whether you are looking for a long gown or cocktail dresses.  Visit

A Jazz Course that will provide a Good Framework

Jazz has its roots in New Orleans at the start of the 20th Century. This first phase of Jazz is usually called Traditional, Louise Armstrong being the key player. Then Swing and the Big Bands emerged in the 1930’s. Be Bop, with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, revolutionized Jazz in the 1940’s. Along came Cool in the 1950s with Miles Davis etc. John Coltrane laid down the framework many modern tenor players still follow. There was Blue Note, “Free”, Jazz Funk and Jazz Rock, following along through the 1960s and 1970s. Miles Davis ended up working with George Duke and Marcus Miller using Funk in the 1980’s. Jazz is a broad church. Therefore, Brisbane Jazz Musicians can provide a framework for aspiring Jazz Musicians wanting to explore this music.

Be Humble

The key to making progress is at first gaining proficiency on your instrument or instruments. All the great players practiced regularly. This involves scale practice. Knowing all the important scales inside out and their related arpeggios is a big step. In time, this will help to build up an understanding of harmonies and chord changes. For reed players, horn players and singers, developing a good tone and breath control is also essential. Getting a better sense of pitch and tuning will come, as well as the all important sense of time. A Jazz course taught by expert Brisbane jazz musicians will help musicians gain confidence and proficiency. This does not happen overnight, but with regular consistent practice this will come. In time, with help, a good initiative and theoretical understanding of Jazz harmony and improvisation will grow. With a bit of work, a musician will be able to lay down a reasonable solo over a classic, like C Jam Blues, quite quickly.

Other Key Skills

Jazz is a collaborative music form. A soloist needs to work with people. All players have to listen all the time. Ensemble playing is critical. In any Quartet or Big Band, people have to work with each other.

Reading and listening skills again can be developed. Different instruments are set in different keys. The Tenor Sax is in Bb, for example. Knowing how to transcribe is another very useful skill.

Another important area that Brisbane jazz musicians also cover is composition and arrangements.

In Big Bands such as Duke Ellington and Count Basie, arrangers such as Billy Strayhorn and Quincy Jones were very important. Thelonious Monk, Gerry Mulligan, Charlie Mingus and Oliver Nelson all composed important Jazz standards, which are still part of today’s repertoire.

Music is Also a Business

Promoting Jazz is critical. It is often misunderstood. The range of music on offer is not always taken into consideration. Getting the right gigs, getting paid, and prompting a gig are essential if you want to be heard. Copyright and how that applies now, in the age of the web, is another critical issue. Also, how can you make money from the web when everything is so easily copied?

Therefore, whether for serious playing or for hobbies Brisbane jazz experts can provide various frameworks for prospective Jazz musicians. Knowing the context is also important, like the history of Jazz; this is something that experts on Jazz Music Institute has can provide. Also, what is learnt from jazz classes Brisbane has for aspirants, can be applied to classical, rock and dance etc. Again, these courses could also be useful for aspiring songwriters in various fields.

Women’s Bodysuits Online – Have that ‘Best in Designer’ Attire!

In today’s context, there is practically no definition for what women should wear as the modern woman is quite liberated and enjoys the absolute confidence and the ability to carry herself off with whatever she wears. And when it comes to bodysuits, they require more than the usual confidence and élan to look their best. When you invest in womens bodysuits online, you are actually buying yourself some exotic and sensuous moments forever. The range of dresses can make heads turn towards you in any gathering. There will always be critics for every new idea. But the bold and the beautiful don’t really get swayed by such criticism and one doesn’t have to go to extraordinary lengths to re-shape your figure either. Feel proud of your looks and enjoy life.

womens bodysuits online

Follow the Season for Fabric

Many of the designs featured each new season in the wide range of womens bodysuits online in Australia would be made with the view to provide comfort while wearing something stylish. When it comes to some of the extreme climatic conditions one finds in the country, the basic fabric on which the online womens bodysuits would be made will keep this in consideration. In the summer, it might be invariably fine cotton or a blend of cotton that has an absorbing feature. In the colder climates, the bodysuits might get covered by other thicker clothing, like sweaters and cardigans and the designers would opt for materials like lycra or polyester which also has the stretch character and is more comfortable. It is also possible some women prefer the extra protection while outdoors and switch to the bodysuits once indoors. Many times celebrities might prefer these dresses when they perform in conditioned spaces.

Designs with You in Mind

The most popular amongst the designers of womens bodysuits online would be aware of what you, the ultimate wearer of the dresses, want. They would, therefore, bring in all those creative elements into play while giving the final shapes to the designs of the dresses they make. When you just see them displayed on the net, you may not be able to fully appreciate this. The sizes are mentioned there but it is only when you order them and put them on, you will know you made the right choice.

Sometimes Costs do Matter

Would you be too concerned about the price you have to pay while buying womens bodysuits online? Probably not. But if you stumble upon some lovely looking but cheap womens bodysuits online, why should you allow the opportunity to pass by? So keep browsing sites like and find the dresses that you have never owned before and appear in your best attire before your friends and colleagues. The online store selling womens bodysuits online would also keep running special offers. There will also be some featured products and new arrivals to keep your interests alive and make you keep going to see if more dresses of your choice have been added. You might even involve your spouse in making the choices knowing what he thinks about a particular colour or the design. Happy dress hunting!

Why You Should Get a Bouncy Castle for Your Son’s Next Birthday

Why You Should Get a Bouncy Castle for Your Son’s Next Birthday

It was your son’s 6th birthday and everyone seemed to have a blast—except for your son. Birthdays are always supposed to be fun, but children these days seem to be more specific compared with when you were their age. How do you make your son’s next birthday extra fun? One way, especially if he loves surprises, is to surprise him on the morning of his birthday with a bouncy castle like those from La Hormiga Play.

Why get a bouncy castle?

–  Bouncy Castles are a safe way to cater to children’s fantasies of castle adventures without worrying about concussions.

–  A dull empty space will automatically be concealed with a bouncy castle, which comes in different sizes.

–  With a bouncy castle, you can think of many ways to put a twist on ordinary parlour games.

–  Because children gather to play in a bouncy castle, your son can learn how to socialise.

–  You can either rent or buy a bouncy castle that’s why it’s budget-friendly. But in any case, you should rent a durable bouncy castle, such as those from La Hormiga Play. For more information, visit at

Having someone to help you on the grand day of your wedding

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that there were 12,197 marriages registered in Australia in 2014, which were up by 1.9 percent from the previous year. The number of crude marriages also rose from 5.1 percent to 5.2 percent for every 1000 estimated residents. With the rising number of weddings taking place all across the continent, couples are also acknowledging the importance of having an experienced wedding planner in Sydney who can go beyond the simple day planning and help you prepare from all sides for the grand day.

A magnificent wedding that turned into a grand mishap

With this huge number of weddings occurring every year, there are also instances of wedding horrors taking place without proper guidance. A wedding planner recollects that a couple attended their wedding in a hotel banquet where they were supposed to spend their wedding night in a ‘honeymoon suite’ within the hotel. In the meantime, the hotel was overbooked, and the newly-married couple forgot to check-in amidst the hustle and bustle of the wedding. When the reception ended the couple went to check-in, to their utter shock, they were informed that all the rooms were sold out, and the hotel authorities could help the couple in any way. As a result, the couple had to drive back home at 3 am just because they didn’t have a place to stay. And all of these mishaps occurred just because they didn’t have a wedding planner.

A wedding planner can fit within your budget

There are some people who feel that seeking the aid of an experienced wedding planner in Sydney is something that they simply can’t afford. But just consider your net expenses in feeding your guests, hiring a top-notch wedding photographer to capture your picture-perfect moments and even hiring a DJ who will make your guests groove with the beats. Then why do people skimp at the thought of having a wedding planner who can make each moment worth it? People try to save expenses by leaving out an adept wedding planner, but the reality is that the wedding planner can help you save your wedding expenses. They have the expertise to put together everything within a reasonable budget.

A wedding planner is more competent than your family volunteer

With due respect to the persons among your friends or family who have agreed to help you on your grand day, it can be said that they are not as competent as a wedding planner, unless they are professionals themselves. And even if they are professionals, they are meant to enjoy in your wedding instead of caring for every small detail that would make your wedding an event worth recalling.

The professionals wouldn’t be able to manage their tasks

Unless there is someone to lead the vendors, it would be difficult for them to carry out their jobs with ease. They would not be able to give the crucial finishing touches, and the difference may be easily discerned. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a wedding planner in Sydney, who will make your vendors work effortlessly and pave the way for making your wedding day a stress-free event for all individuals concerned with your wedding.

There are various other advantages of having a wedding planner to help you; he would not take the fun of planning out of your wedding but can make it all the more enjoyable and exciting.

Beyond Style Advice: 5 Other Benefits you’ll get from a Personal Stylist

It’s so easy to pin down fashion as a lofty hobby for people who are discontented with an already bursting wardrobe. Of course, professions under its umbrella also get bashed. In Australia, personal styling is one of those professions which services can be deemed as unnecessary luxuries because it only caters those who can afford it. Interestingly, as a result, those who can afford it and who badly need it are even doubtful of its magic. But in reality, as stereotyped as they can be, there’s more to personal styling than swag. That’s why personal stylists Brisbane wide who have helped individuals reach their potentials can definitely prove the bashers wrong.

personal stylists brisbane

Here are some benefits you can get from personal styling if you’re aiming to find personal stylists Brisbane has these days:

1. Free Fashion Knowledge

The most obvious but often underrated benefit Aussies can get from hiring personal stylists Brisbane has these days is the free latest fashion news. With a personal stylist, you won’t get dissatisfied in a conversation with them. Plus, you can also get a tip on where to get the most stylish outfits at the most reasonable prices.

2. Defying Stereotypes

Contrary to the popular notion, personal stylists don’t really focus that much on trends. “Personal” wouldn’t be included in their profession title if they would depend on trends that much. Not all trendy pieces every season matches people’s best assets. With that being said, you could also add that personal stylists help you break the rules and think out of the box.

Many clients have benefitted from an outfit makeover alone—how much more with a wardrobe makeover or a unique combination of their existing wardrobe? With a personal stylist, you won’t have any worries straying quite far from the crowd because you’re doing it with grace and confidence validated by an expert.

3. Body Shape Complementing Pieces

One out of the two core benefits of personal styling, as hinted earlier, is choosing body shape complementary pieces for clients. Not everyone has the body of a model, but department stores these days don’t seem to realise that. It’s quite sad to see people with uncommon body shapes have a hard time shopping for clothes. And that is how personal stylists fill that gap—they help people find the pieces that best complement their body shape—be it skinny, curvy, short, or athletic—personal stylists are trained to bring the style potential of every individual.

4. Outfit Colours that Match/Complement Your Complexion

Personal stylists are also researchers. Most of the pros have been trained by institutes and universities on figuring out the best complementary colours for each skin type. And you know what they say about rules, right? Learn them before you break them—which is very true for personal stylists.

With a trained “eye” for balance, a client wouldn’t regret wearing an all-grey suit to work. With a personal stylist on hand, they could add vibrancy to it with an eye-catching svelte handbag or a rose gold bracelet.

5. Self-confidence

Lastly, no matter how much time it takes, you’ll always come out as a self-confident individual after being in contact with a personal stylist. For instance, personal stylists in Brisbane have shaped how people see themselves through a wardrobe makeover. Now, after having gained knowledge from personal stylists, clients can cultivate different styles on their own that suit their lifestyles.

Instead of focusing on the bigger picture all the time, why not try work with the specifics by collaborating with Brisbane personal stylists? If you’re looking for personal stylists Brisbane wide, you may try visiting the likes of

7 Opportunities That Will Convince Managers to Transfer to a Co-Shared Workspace

Sharing is caring—the old adage seems to be truer when it comes to offices today. The concept of sharing a workplace with other companies may seem alien to some, but this year, Australia’s co-share working market has grown to 35%, compared to last year. It can’t be a coincidence that a market like that grows without no valid reason/s. It can be evidently seen on the market of co-share working Brisbane has these days, where people stay for the benefits including multi-functionality and professional growth for the employees.

How beneficial is it, really? Managers and CEOs in Australia may seem to doubt it, but these seven opportunities for your company might convince them to transfer to space for co-share working Brisbane has these days.

co-share working brisbane


1. Minimise total rental cost. The most obvious benefit you can get from co-share working, for example, is overall rental cost reduction. Splitting with two or more companies will also help you save on electricity, maintenance, and telecommunication expenses, to name a few.

2. Allocate your finances to more high-priority business needs. Saving on rental fees is a huge step towards allocating finances for more useful, high-priority needs. For instance, you can allocate more budget to incredibly useful staff training like CPR training.

3. Save budget for staff recreational activities. Furthermore with staff perks, now you can save for holding recreational activities like team-building and cocktail parties. Activities like this are important to increase social lubrication and cultivate teamwork. Come on, also, you need to relax too.

While you’re at it, did you know that a space rental for co-share working Brisbane has today can also be a venue for seminars and party? The best function venue in Brisbane you’d want to hire, interestingly, could also be a co-share working rental. Hire a company who handles a party venue hire Brisbane masses need these days.

Professional growth.

4. Enthusiastic environment. Co-shared office spaces often get a bad rep for being too “rowdy”. But that’s just a stereotype from the movies. You know what’s not highlighted often? The boredom and stagnancy you get from working at home. No matter how much of an introvert you are, you need to socialize. In a co-shared office space, you’ll definitely grow with an engaging environment, where additional facilities for communication are available to push office policy development.

5. Engaging shy/out-of-place employees. If some of your employees are shy, then a co-shared working space is a good exercise for them to come out of their shell. Of course, you don’t always have to force them, but you’re giving them an option to reach out to people. This may take time, but if your employees are not really comfortable, then you may weigh some other options for everybody’s sake.

6. Networking. With other professionals from a different or related industry around, networking and business opportunities are now more accessible. This is an opportunity for your staff to broaden their network and gain connections. Meeting more people will also cultivate healthy working relationships. You may not know, but one of the employees from the other company might turn out to be one of the most important business contacts you’ll meet.

7. Lots of resources for problem-solving opportunities. In a private office, you’ll have enough people around to help you with your problems or work dilemmas. But there’s nothing wrong with redundancy, and quantity doesn’t always mean less quality. With more people around, you’ll have more access to a pool of unique ideas and solutions. You can even reach an agreement to set boundaries, besides the building manager’s imposed restrictions.

If you’re an office manager who’s looking for suitable office spaces to transfer to, you may visit the likes of Meanwhile, if you’re also looking for the best party venue in Brisbane, they are one of those co-share office space rentals that can also cater to your function space needs.