7 Opportunities That Will Convince Managers to Transfer to a Co-Shared Workspace

Sharing is caring—the old adage seems to be truer when it comes to offices today. The concept of sharing a workplace with other companies may seem alien to some, but this year, Australia’s co-share working market has grown to 35%, compared to last year. It can’t be a coincidence that a market like that grows without no valid reason/s. It can be evidently seen on the market of co-share working Brisbane has these days, where people stay for the benefits including multi-functionality and professional growth for the employees.

How beneficial is it, really? Managers and CEOs in Australia may seem to doubt it, but these seven opportunities for your company might convince them to transfer to space for co-share working Brisbane has these days.

co-share working brisbane


1. Minimise total rental cost. The most obvious benefit you can get from co-share working, for example, is overall rental cost reduction. Splitting with two or more companies will also help you save on electricity, maintenance, and telecommunication expenses, to name a few.

2. Allocate your finances to more high-priority business needs. Saving on rental fees is a huge step towards allocating finances for more useful, high-priority needs. For instance, you can allocate more budget to incredibly useful staff training like CPR training.

3. Save budget for staff recreational activities. Furthermore with staff perks, now you can save for holding recreational activities like team-building and cocktail parties. Activities like this are important to increase social lubrication and cultivate teamwork. Come on, also, you need to relax too.

While you’re at it, did you know that a space rental for co-share working Brisbane has today can also be a venue for seminars and party? The best function venue in Brisbane you’d want to hire, interestingly, could also be a co-share working rental. Hire a company who handles a party venue hire Brisbane masses need these days.

Professional growth.

4. Enthusiastic environment. Co-shared office spaces often get a bad rep for being too “rowdy”. But that’s just a stereotype from the movies. You know what’s not highlighted often? The boredom and stagnancy you get from working at home. No matter how much of an introvert you are, you need to socialize. In a co-shared office space, you’ll definitely grow with an engaging environment, where additional facilities for communication are available to push office policy development.

5. Engaging shy/out-of-place employees. If some of your employees are shy, then a co-shared working space is a good exercise for them to come out of their shell. Of course, you don’t always have to force them, but you’re giving them an option to reach out to people. This may take time, but if your employees are not really comfortable, then you may weigh some other options for everybody’s sake.

6. Networking. With other professionals from a different or related industry around, networking and business opportunities are now more accessible. This is an opportunity for your staff to broaden their network and gain connections. Meeting more people will also cultivate healthy working relationships. You may not know, but one of the employees from the other company might turn out to be one of the most important business contacts you’ll meet.

7. Lots of resources for problem-solving opportunities. In a private office, you’ll have enough people around to help you with your problems or work dilemmas. But there’s nothing wrong with redundancy, and quantity doesn’t always mean less quality. With more people around, you’ll have more access to a pool of unique ideas and solutions. You can even reach an agreement to set boundaries, besides the building manager’s imposed restrictions.

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